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Defining Our Legacy

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There is a steady flow of various media that kindles our fascination with the past. Ours is not the first generation to harbor this obsession. Each generation strengthens the pyramid of humanity with its unique contributions. Unfortunately, each generation suffers its own unique failure. The presentation of these events through historical books, movies, and television shows forms very definite opinions in the minds of each individual. There are unyielding parameters by which we judge our ancestors’ decisions. We praise the earnestness of our Founding Fathers, and condemn the parties...

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Gardening’s Last Frontier

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  You probably would not be surprised to know that there is a great disparity between American people living in densely populated urban areas, and those dwelling in more rural conditions. It is hard to say when the American dream of ancestral immigrants building a little farm in a vast, unpopulated, wild area was absorbed by the fast-paced lifestyle of business, apartment-dwelling or even long commutes to the city from the suburbs. Regardless of when this transition took place, it left most people with much less land and space to envelope themselves in. In fact, according to the 2000...

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Gardening Full Circle

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  The idea that history repeats itself has long been present in the interpretation of the way we behave, dress, and value life as a nation. Our values in gardening have also began to shift in a cyclical way. As humanity grows and progresses, its understanding of nature is also expounded. This increased understanding builds on the ever-expanding technology formed from our unmistakably human ingenuity. However, for all of our technological advancement, more and more people have been reverting back to the roots of gardening. Take notice of the changes affecting the production of our...

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Upon August

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August always serves as our transition period.The summer is now winding down into what we hope will be a refreshingly crisp fall with a dazzling array of colors on every tree. Soon the hot, slow days will be enveloped by the hustle of school, fall sports and all of the other activities that resume when the air begins to chill. Still, there are plenty of exciting surprises to encounter at Little Red Nursery during the end of summer.   At Little Red, we have long been concerned with effective watering techniques. We are now excited to carry a line of ollas from Growing Awareness Urban...

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Eating (REALLY) Local

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Peace of mind can be found in knowing where your food comes from. In recent generations, the disconnect between producer and consumer has widened. Throughout human history, people have either lived on the same land that their food source did, or personally knew the entity responsible for the food’s production. For most of us, particularly in more densely populated areas, this is no longer the case. Much of what we eat is a total mystery. Recently, the focus on reclaiming the connection with our food has intensified. To placate the overwhelming concern, many growers and grocery stores...

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