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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Help chase the winter chill away with colorful, happy ORCHIDS

To avoid root rot, it is imperative that your orchid pot has drainage holes to allow excess water to run out ~ use a saucer or drip tray underneath the pots to prevent excess water from spilling onto the surface

Choose between a bark-based or moss-based potting soil ~ Little Red Nursery stocks specific soil for growing the perfect orchids

Place pots near south- or east-facing windows to ensure they receive the right amount and intensity of sunlight

Opening windows or using an overhead or oscillating fan directed away from the orchid will help keep the air from getting stale

Watering is based on usage rather than certain amount of days in-between ~ every few days use your fingers to test the soil for any moisture ~ if none is detected, pour water over the potting medium and allow it to soak in ~ dump out excess water in the saucer or drip tray after a few minutes

Setting the container on a bed of rocks/gravel that is kept wet will also help

mix fertilizer at half-strength to feed orchids once per month while flowering ~ do not water for several days after fertilizing or the nutrients will run out with the water

more details of this pruning technique and all things associated with the care of your orchid plants can be found at Little Red Nursery

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