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If you are all about immediate color, instant yard enhancing elements abound! Patio décor, easy centerpeices, annuals, perennials, flowering vines, and shrubs are arriving just in time to get you started this spring!
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Merch Tips

  • Help customers see the gift potential by displaying SunBelievableTM right by your greeting cards, gift certificates, and other add-ons. Consider offering gift tags, pot wraps, or ribbon picks to make these even easier to give. Or upsell gift baskets built around SunBelievable!


  • Be sure to remind shoppers these plants are perfect for adding to the garden — SunBelievable’s thousands of flowers and months of blooms makes it a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Decorate your Christmas with joy!

Come see the huge selection of Christmas decor at Little Red Nursery! From stockings, ornaments and fresh plants and flowers to fountains, containers and outdoor furniture – we can help make your space magical!

David Austin® Roses

Royally brighten up your garden with English Roses this spring. Coming mid-April to Little Red Nursery ~ David Austin® Roses

Help chase the winter chill away with colorful, happy ORCHIDS

To avoid root rot, it is imperative that your orchid pot has drainage holes to allow excess water to run out ~ use a saucer or drip tray underneath the pots to prevent excess water from spilling onto the surface

Choose between a bark-based or moss-based potting soil ~ Little Red Nursery stocks specific soil for growing the perfect orchids

Place pots near south- or east-facing windows to ensure they receive the right amount and intensity of sunlight

Opening windows or using an overhead or oscillating fan directed away from the orchid will help keep the air from getting stale

Watering is based on usage rather than certain amount of days in-between ~ every few days use your fingers to test the soil for any moisture ~ if none is detected, pour water over the potting medium and allow it to soak in ~ dump out excess water in the saucer or drip tray after a few minutes

Setting the container on a bed of rocks/gravel that is kept wet will also help

mix fertilizer at half-strength to feed orchids once per month while flowering ~ do not water for several days after fertilizing or the nutrients will run out with the water

more details of this pruning technique and all things associated with the care of your orchid plants can be found at Little Red Nursery

Time to Reserve your Landscape Color Installations

Contact us here to schedule complete landscape redesign, maintenance, or simply just color in your pots. We Will Plant it for You!

David Austin® Roses

David Austin® Roses are bred by crossing old garden roses with more modern roses to achieve the superb fragrance, delicacy, and charm of the old-style blooms combined with the repeat flowering characteristics and wide color range of modern roses. Some English varieties are extra vigorous in warm areas as very large shrubs and some may want to become semi-climbers.

Purchase your David Austin® Roses at Little Red Nursery mid-April. See details and pre-order form here